Presentation to highlight how to make laboratory operations greener


Green Light Laboratories’ Sustainability Consulting Firm Director Andy Evans will present new perspectives on laboratory sustainability at the UK’s largest annual trade fair for the laboratory industry, Laboratory innovations.

Through the show’s sustainable lab, Evans will talk about how labs can and should make their operations greener.

Lab Innovations’ sustainable lab will showcase cutting-edge equipment and processes used to reduce the environmental impact of the lab industry. The equipment on display has been precisely tested in partnership with renowned research institutes Imperial College London, the University of Bristol and the University of Oxford.

By testing products in a lab environment, the sustainable lab aims to demonstrate the impact people can have on the sustainability of a lab in three key ways: by using new and innovative technology, by selecting the best model for the specific requirements of a laboratory and considering how changes in human behavior in laboratories can have a positive impact on operating costs.

The Sustainable Lab will provide lab operators with insight into fume hood use and setup, cold storage practices, autoclave use and workflow modifications, and advise on how laboratories can minimize their energy consumption, running costs and carbon emissions.

Evans is the Director of the Sustainability Consulting Firm of Green Light Laboratories, an independent consulting firm with over 12 years of experience implementing sustainable laboratory practices. Its main vision is to offer laboratory operators clear solutions to make all their practices sustainable without negatively affecting science or scientists.

In addition to the Sustainable Laboratory, Evans will also present the latest lab sustainability data in a presentation at the show’s Insights and Innovation Theater. Evans’ presentation centers around the theme of being disruptive to be sustainable. It will present ground-breaking new data on laboratory equipment and practices to generate new insights into the sustainability of commonly used laboratory products, as well as insights into how sourcing practices can be made more sustainable.

Some of the key topics covered by Evans include improvements in fume hood technology, advice on selecting the most durable products for specific laboratory applications, and an exploration of new standards for the energy use and performance of laboratory products.

Evans explained: “The sheer volume of equipment that generates heat, containment and exhaust devices, and uninterrupted power supplies essential to protect irreplaceable experiments in a laboratory means that a facility typically consumes five times as much energy. energy and water per square foot than a standard office building.

“Laboratories are essential for fostering innovation, but in the long term we need to make operations more sustainable. Technology is constantly advancing, which can be confusing, but by presenting Lab Innovations’ audience with the most recent data on the sustainability of lab equipment, I hope to encourage lab operators to disrupt their current product and process setup. so that they are more durable.

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