Doctor Soccer: Aro-Lambo balancing medical school, plays with Med City FC


Aro-Lambo, 26, pursues his Masters in Clinical and Transitional Sciences by day at Mayo Medical School and plays minor league football for Med City FC at night. In the not-so-distant future, he will graduate in medicine, complete at least three years of medical residency, before becoming a full-fledged doctor, eventually specializing in urology.

For now, however, Brooklyn, NY-born Aro-Lambo is enjoying a nice mix of his favorite things, topped off most nights with him playing the “beautiful game.” Football has been passed down to Aro-Lambo through the generations, those with their roots in Nigeria and where he made a name for himself attending Strawberry Crest High School in Dover, Florida.


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It was there that quick, sleek and talented Aro-Lambo became the school’s all-time top scorer, an all-state player, and a guy who sparked great interest in Division Colleges. I. That was before he made the decision to take the decidedly academic route, by accepting a full scholarship to renowned Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. Aro-Lambo graduated in 2017 and landed in Rochester and Mayo Medical School in the summer of 2019.

But Aro-Lambo isn’t limited to textbooks and medicine. Those evening football sessions – whether it’s practice or games – go a long way to rounding it off.

“I can’t wait to play football every day,” said Aro-Lambo, who played club football at Northwestern. “A healthy body, a healthy mind comes to mind. And I’ve always made football part of my schedule. I have always played football while having a difficult course load. It is therefore natural to do this while studying medicine. It didn’t hold me back at all. It just put more fire in my stomach to face it all. “

It was the death of his father that set his stomach on fire to pursue medicine. Yussuf Aro-Lambo was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 31. Two years later he passed away.

Not only was Mazeed – 8 years old at the time – crushed by his passing, but it inspired him to become a doctor. His mother, Nurat, and his sister, Zainab, had similar responses. The two pursued nursing studies after Yussuf’s death. Nurat now works as a nurse practitioner, Zainab as a nurse.

A question arose in Mazeed. It was about immersing himself in football in college as fully as he would in his studies. In the end, he took the advice he had heard for so many years from his parents, that academics had to be his undisputed number 1.

It came with little regrets. But he also made sure to immerse himself in all that Northwestern had to offer, including its proximity to Chicago, which is just 30 minutes from Evanston. Aro-Lambo, who also describes himself as a “foodie,” has found plenty of them in the culturally rich city of Chicago.

And while he’s never regretted too much for missing the full-fledged football experience by playing beyond club level, Aro-Lambo admits that much of what the football offers Division I would have suited him.

“To be a part of something as global as college football and to be with a team and the guys, I would have loved that aspect,” Aro-Lambo said.

Now, about five years later, Aro-Lambo is getting the next best thing. He is part of a Med City FC team that is on the football field five days a week, and he plays at the highest level he has ever seen, in the National Premier Soccer League. Tonight (6:45 p.m.), the Mayhem play a crucial game against Minneapolis City SC.

Not only that, but Aro-Lambo plays for a trainer, Neil Cassidy, whom he respects tremendously, and alongside a bunch of talented guys who come from all over the world.

It was a rich experience, with Aro-Lambo flourishing on and off the pitch. The latter includes it after a game in which one goal and four assists, the latter by far a season high.

“It has added so much to my life,” he said. “The bonds that I share with my teammates have grown very strong over the past 10 weeks. Growing up in New York and Tampa, I have always had friendships with people from different backgrounds. And there, I still have that, teammates with guys from all over the world. It makes friendships more rewarding and more alive. “

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